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Our fleet management solutions
Fleet Management Our fleet management solutions are targeted at insurance companies, small and medium enterprises, large corporate organizations, transportation & logistics, vehicle leasing companies and the individual user. From a fleet size of 5 to 5,000, you will be able to manage your vehicles effectively and timely using real time information. Basically, you will always know where your vehicles are located, how your vehicles is being managed and driven and also the total running cost per vehicle in your fleet. Using...

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Active GPS Car Trackers Vs Passive GPS Trackers
here are 2 types of GPS car trackers ..I.e... Passive GPS car trackers and Active GPS trackers... There is a fundamental difference between the two types, and knowing what this difference is will help you decide on the best GPS tracking device for your needs. Passive trackers do not monitor movement in real-time.  When using a passive GPS tracker, you will not be able to follow every last move that a tracked person or object makes. Instead, information that is stored...

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