Managing A Company Was Never Simpler!

Managing A Company Was Never Simpler!

  • 19 Jun 0

Managing A Company Was Never Simpler!

Your job as an author doesn’t end when your book is published. It’s only the beginning. Self-publishing is an adventure that will take every author to more than just writing. Being a self-published author means that you are your own driver. So wherever your adventure is heading, it will be because of what you have done, and what you haven’t.

Second, prepare for interview questions that will probably not be asked; for example, Your supervisor will be considerably younger that you how will you handle it? Or, We require periods where we work long hours and weekends can you handle it at your age? Or, How is your health, we don’t want you running up our medical plan costs? Or, Why do you want to start at the bottom? Or, Will you leave us when a job opens in your old career? Or, As old as you are can you really learn new things or are you stuck in the past?

It’s always wise to keep a sharp eye out for potential problems with the firms you outsource to. Provide a quick response for any and all problems that crop up. Swift attention to problems is a sign of excellent additional resources skills. If you ignore small issues now they could become huge problems for your business later.

One thing these people all have in common is that they don’t communicate well with others. Nevertheless, being aware of who they are and how to deal with them can reduce the level of conflict and make your daily life easier.

Connect with your readers. There’s a hot list of growing social media sites on the internet. Social media sites are good venues to interact and listen to what your readers think about your book. Most importantly, you’ll be able to market yourself as an author. You will reap the harvest of your fruitful reader-author relationships until your last book.

But that’s just foolish. One 5-minute presentation in front of the right people could do a whole lot more for your career than 5 years behind a desk. You could get a promotion, seal a deal, or get funding for your dream project. One presentation could unlock doors that would never be touched if you remain hidden deep in research.

Write down everything you’ll do for the client and present it to him with your pricing. In my Fee Agreement I’m very detailed about what I’m providing (copy, testing concepts and rationale, offer development, new testimonials, etc.), and will even detail the size of the components of a package. When the client sees all that copy representing what I’m going to do for him, he’s less resistant about price.

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