Intelligent Surveillance Camera Technology
VdileEye is a top direct supplier of commercial-grade surveillance systems, CCTV cameras, equipment, and accessories. All of our HD security cameras and recorders feature cutting-edge technology and components for superior video clarity.

Smart Surveillance To Grow Your Business

We provide businesses with powerful surveillance solutions that prevent asset and property loss, improve transaction security and provide intelligent analytics. VdileEye offers various smart-edge devices with highly accurate video analytic functions that can meet the demanding needs of single and multi-location operations and help business operations make better decisions in the competitive retail industry. VdileEye helps your business by reducing shrinkage and deterring theft. 90% of theft is internal - see what goes on when you’re not around. Make sure that your employees are following procedures and staying safe. Get a good look at any accidents that occur. Get the peace of mind and practical benefits of protecting your assets and employees.
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Scalable Systems

From single CCTV camera operations to those in need of complete 64 channel systems, we have the right IP camera or CCTV security system for your home or business. These systems are customizable for many configurations of cameras, recorders, and monitors. Assemble a cost-effective security system with just the coverage that you need. Most cameras also feature infrared night vision for surveillance in total darkness.
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Cutting-Edge Technology

Cutting-edge CCTV cameras and recording technology enable your surveillance camera systems to reliably operate in any conditions you need it to. A commercial-grade CCTV security system like this will stay relevant for years of quality protection. CCTV Security Pros systems feature:
  • Remote Mobile Viewing
  • High Definition (HD) Video
  • Internet Protocol (IP) Connectivity
  • Night Vision in Total Darkness
  • Wireless Fidelity (WiFi)
  • Up to 48 Terabytes of Video Storage
  • Weatherproof Casings
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    Live Technical Support
    VdileEye will provide all the tools you need to get your IP or CCTV security system set up quickly and easily. Our security experts will support you with any issues for the entire life of your product.