Frequently Asked Questions
  • The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a group of 27 Earth-orbiting satellites, of which 24 are in operation and three extras in case any fail. When people talk about a “GPS,” they usually are referring to a GPS receiver. The U.S. military developed and implemented this satellite network as a military navigation system but now lets everyone use the signals free of charge.
  • A common misconception among most people is how GPS works. GPS (Global Positioning System) satellites should not be confused with communication satellites used for wireless communications. They are two completely separate satellite networks. All of our systems use GPS satellites for location purposes. Our On-Line systems then use various wireless networks to communicate the location data to our servers so our customers can use built in vehicle tracking GPS to locate the vehicles/assets in real-time or historically.
  • A GPS antenna is connected to the unit with a lead wire. The GPS antenna collects the GPS data and feeds it to the unit. The unit does some processing of events and speeds. Additionally, the GPS vehicle tracking unit has a wireless modem inside, similar to ones found in cell phones. This modem is used to to communicate with vdilesolutions’s system software servers. The GPS data is stored to memory and then sent directly from the vehicles unit to vdilesolutions servers, where it is immediately processed into usable information for users. This all takes place in Real Time.
  • Many factors affect GPS accuracy. The atmosphere, the ionosphere and the position of your receiver could all affect GPS accuracy. Any buildings, natural structures or heavy foliage that obstructs the GPS’ view of the sky may decrease the position accuracy.
  • Yes, it needs a SIM card. You insert a SIM card and that phone number is where you send your text messages to. Yes you can track your car by yourself anytime , anyday . Not only can you track, you can mobilize and demobilize your car anytime, anyday just with your phone with or without internet.
  • Once your vehicle has been located, Vdile Solutions will arrange for a uniformed guard to stay with the vehicle until the recovery company arrives to pick it up and return it to you anywhere in Nigeria. Terms and conditions apply.
  • Yes. We have a network of installation specialists in every part of the Nigeria. should you decide to use our professional.
  • It takes about one hour to install the device into your car and tidy your car. No one will know you have it in your car except you tell them.
  • Becoming a reseller/partner is very simple and does not require previous knowledge of car tracking. all need is Address of your area of operation,Permanent address,Copy of any Government issued ID card such as International passport, Drivers License, National ID Card or Voters Card.
  • Yes. In such a situation, we can establish a Monitoring Centre for you to enable you generate individual reports for the vehicles.
  • No. The responsibility for recovering your stolen car is yours. However, we can offer you necessary assistance that will enable you to recover your car. We only sell, install and maintain the car security system that is manufactured by a third party. Also, your actions or inactions will affect the recovery of your car and we cannot accept responsibility for that. However, we assure you that vdilesolutions is a very good security system and if your car is snatched, you will most likely recover it with vdilesolutions. Also, we are ready to offer you all necessary assistance to enable you to recover your car immediately you contact the Vdile Solutions Monitoring Centre .
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With seasoned engineers, technicians and creative minds, we continue to build on our track record of innovation, sourcing technologies that blend physical and social sciences. Our growth is connected to modern technology and softwares, this is why we invest in partnership with state of the art software development companies across the globe just to bring you ease and make you safer


Through our Vdile User Experience (VUE) initiative, we source and deliver high quality, smart and piratical products that are easy to install, use and maintain. We use VUE to develop a deep understanding of the needs of our users in order to deliver intuitive desirable and differentiated end to end experiences.
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